The built-in features available in Douane


Simple as answering a question

As soon as you have access to a network, applications will try to send whatever information.

Behind your traffic (emails, social networks, online videos, ...) you will discover some activities that you did not expected.

Douane will block all the unknown traffic and let you decide if you allow it or not via this dialog box. Clicking the Allow or Deny buttons will create the rule for you.


A single place to control Douane

This is the control panel.

It will allow you to start and stop the firewall, to enable/disable the firewall autostart at boot, let you configure the rules and keep you informed by showing you the latest tweets!


Douane requires a GNU/Linux distribution using kernel version 3 or higher. GTK 3 is also required for the dialog process.

You can have a look to the complete dependency list in the Github Douane Wiki page.

Download and be protected by Douane


The Douane project is looking for packagers.

In the case you would like to endorse this role, please contact me and I will list the created packages here.
Packaging efforts are listed on this page.

Source code

You can compile the sources of the projet on your machine in order to use it.

The procedure is a little bit complex but everthing is described in the Github Douane page.

Meet the developer of Douane


Guillaume Hain

I am the developer behind Douane with years of experience in C/C++, Ruby, Python and more.
I have developed this application in my free time in order to cover a need that I have and to improve my knowledge in development.

I'm also taking care of the packaging of the application in order to make the installation easier for you.

Aside my projects, I am always looking at new technologies in term of development but also in term of hightech.

Special Thanks to